The View From Here

The view from here: The photographic world of Alfred Elliott 1890- 1940 is a unique perspective of life in Brisbane – a modern city, inextricably linked to the British Empire, adapting to meet the needs of a changing world. This historic collection of images was discovered in early 1980s in a cigar tin under a house in Red Hill. The rare find unearthed over 300 negatives, some of which are on extremely well preserved glass plates.
MoB created a 12-metre long, curved rear-projected panoramic vista for this exhibition. By stitching together 7 glass plate negatives that were photographed from the windmill on Wickham Tce in 1894, we were able to produce a 180-degree view of the city. We overlayed this view with a multimedia treatment that highlighted historical and contemporary landmarks.

Curator: Phil Manning
Exhibition Designer: Alison Ross
Graphic Designer: Chris Starr
Multimedia Designer: Frank Casablanca




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