Secret Death of Salvador Dali

The Secret Death of Salvador Dali
by Stephen Sewell
Premiere produced by La Boite Theatre Co and Energex Brisbane Festival 2000
Directed by Sue Rider and Scott Maidment
Set and Costume Design
Lighting Designer: Mark Lloyd-Hunt

2002 Winner ‘Best of the Fringe’ Adelaide

Produced by Griffin Theatre Company and
Strut n Fret Production House 2004
Set and Costume Design
Directed by David Berthold and Scott Maidment
Lighting Designer: Stephen Hawker

‘This kind of bio-theatre is often tedious and full of its own self-importance. Not here. It is not so much what is said as how it’s said that counts in a show in which picture frames become swings, gender shifts magically and past and present mingle in the tortured pictures in Dali’s mind. There is only one word for it: surreal. Well, maybe two: sordidly surreal.’
Lyn Gardner, The Guardian

Photographs: Robert MacFarlane

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